Interaction Design & Design Research

Project Summary

WHO reports that the African region has the highest prevalence of hypertension estimated at 46% of adults, which is twice as much as the prevalence of the world average. To tackle it, a non-profit organization in Lagos, Nigeria has led 'The Hearty Project,' and we, a group of designers in TU Delft joined it. The field research for three weeks to patients, doctors, and pharmacists in hospitals, homes, pharmacies and insurance companies in Lagos identified several barriers to prevent proper treatment, such as too busy hospitals and public transportations, patients’ poor understanding of hypertension. With these insights, we conceptualized a service to empower patients to take the initiative on their treatment by connecting to doctors remotely. The designed blood pressure device, which is affordable and enables anyone to measure correctly, and application, which motivates them to treat themselves by giving correct medical knowledge, were prototyped and tested. The local NPO is now organizing the new phase for realizing the service and product.

Client: Local NPO (Lagos, Nigeria)

Duration: February 2017 - July 2018

Methodologies: Ethnographic Study, Cultural Probe

My Role: Design process management, leading design research and conceptualization phase

What we made: Service concept, blood pressure device, and application

2017 Masako Kitazaki