Interaction Design & Design Research

Make "searching" intuitive, which was lost by digitalization


Project Summary

People use tremendous time to pick out a target item from a huge amount of digital contents. However, the searching behavior often interferes with your focus and creativity. For example, when you do brainstorming and want to see a chart recently you saw on a digital document, you might need to look for it with typing a keyward in a text box of your email, cloud storages, website histories, smartphone, and laptop. This "searching" interrupts your concentration and makes it difficult to resume it again.

A research was conducted on how people remember their digital contents. It was figured out that although people often cannot remember the title of the contents and where it was stored, they have the strong memory of context around it, such as "I saw it in that meeting room," "I draw a red circle on it."

With this human's characteristics, we proposed LENS UI which is your own view for searching for target digital contents with your available memories.

My role : Project facilitator, Design reseacher, UX designer, UI designer

Methods used :Ethnographic research (interview, observation), Scenario based design, Prototyping(iOS)

Outcome: Obtained patents in US and Japan, Gold prize at the annual tech conference in Fuji Xerox

Design Concept

LENS UI: Create your own "EYE" with your available memories about context

A lens has a search key such as what activity you did on the content (open, draw, print, send, etc.) , where you saw it, who was related, what project was linked.  You can combine these lenses and see the filtered contents through the set of lenses. When you adjust the focus of the lens, the rigorousness of the search key is changed. The filtered contents appear with the various size of thumbnails which indicates how much each content matches with the search keys. In this way, you can pick out a particular item immediately although your memory is a little vague.

2017 Masako Kitazaki